Monday, December 24, 2012

Bridget Sullivan's Fashion New Years Celebration

Creative Concept: Alvita Lozano, All Photos (c) Lindee Robinson, Wardrobe Designer/Styling is Bridget Sullivan, Models: Natalie Ellis, RedieChoi Shorter and Camille LaMontagne

This blog story also appears on the Huffington Post Detroit News platform
It's been a good year for emerging Fashion/Costume Designer Bridget Sullivan.  A 2012 graduate of Detroit's CCS (College For Creative Studies) Fiber Arts/Fashion Studies program.  Her Blog (The Bridget Show) and unique garments caught the attention of Jazz Instrumentalist Esperanza Spauldings wardrobe stylist last year.  Since then Bridget's one of a kind dresses have been worn by the artist for public appearances and also on tour around the world.  

Bridget also landed a five month internship this summer working for Diane Von Furstenberg where she got to experience the frenzy of activity during New York Fashion week.  

Currently back in the Detroit metro area Bridget has accepted a teaching position at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, continues to design and make dresses and hopes to build a collection she will showcase in Detroit's growing Fashion and Art community in the upcoming year.

When I asked Bridget where she sees herself in the next five years her response was simple "I'd like to return to New York, to continue to design pieces that will be worn by other musicians, I would love to make dresses for Taylor Swift."   Music and fashion seem to be powerful pop cultural partners and Bridget Sullivan's work has earned her some attention in both worlds here in Detroit and beyond. 

The photos in this blog are the product of a collaboration between Bridget Sullivan (featuring her original designs) and her network of creative associates: Photographer Lindee Robinson, Make-up: Camille LaMontagne, Hair: Stephanie Hipchen & Stacey Lubec, Models: Natalie Ellis, RediChoi Shorter, Camille LaMontagne.  Jewelry/Accessories and photo shoot location: The Peacock Room.   Congratulations and Happy New Year Detroit Fashion!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Master Of Style - Best AD Campaign of 2012

More Master Of Style Gael Footage

Thank you Gillette for your stylish nod to the Hispanic consumer demographic by featuring Gael Garcia Bernal in your "Master Of Style" Ad Campaign.   As a strategic shopper it takes a lot to get my attention.  Brand loyalty, advertisement campaigns and corporate identity practices is something I'm always studying and exploring in my visual art.  When a company puts this much thought into a commercial campaign I'm compelled to share the good stuff.  Gracias Gillette you are speaking my language!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Polyvore Set: Just 4 Kicks A Holiday Season Thought

My Art Directed Polyvore Set via Polyvore/Pinterest:

Tis the season for over-indulgence, but I am hopeful that many of us will get creative about keeping the season safe, fun and memorable.  My gift to you is this Polyvore set: "Just 4 Kicks" minus the smoking friends, there is NOTHING cool about smoke inhalation.  Peace!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Detroit Historical Museum Re-Opens To The Public Over Thanksgiving Weekend

All Photos are Jenna Belevender Photography

On the eve of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday the city of Detroit will celebrate another cultural milestone.  The Detroit Historical Museum will re-open it's doors to the public after a Six month long renovation.  

The re-opening festivities have been unfolding over the last several months and have included the outdoor "Legends Plaza Dedication Ceremony", a members and employee pre-view tour, and this past Saturday a Grand Re-Opening Gala.  Museum access is free to the public and will be open for 60 consecutive hours starting Friday November 23rd.  For more details see the DHS page link here.

I organized a photo shoot to capture the beauty, spirit and renewal of this historic institution with a vintage inspired theme.  Our model Jessica Brooke Williams is a young urban professional working in community arts for The Heidelberg project (Also included in The Gallery Of Culture Exhibition Space).  She definitely puts the MUSE in our MUSEum story.   All photos were taken by the vibrant and talented Jenna Belevender.   Our Make-up Artist is Rachel Monique Parker and the wardrobe styling is my work. 

I'm going to bet a good mix of people will visit the Detroit Historical Museum this upcoming holiday weekend and walk away proud of the many individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations that have worked together to make this happen.  I know I am, it's a great time to be living in Detroit.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Detroit Historical Museum Renovation Pre-view



Newly Renovated Detroit Historical Museum Pre-view: Photos by Alvita Lozano

The newly renovated Detroit Historical Museum is ready to open to the public Friday November 23rd.  A wonderful celebration of Detroit's history making people places and culture, stay tuned!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Heidelberg's "It's All About The "D" Graffiti Gala

FreeStyle In Detroit: Polyvore Set Inspired by The Heidelberg Project

Photo by: Elayne Gross

These days there are so many choices to take in art and culture in Detroit, but few will offer the   distinctly democratic home grown vision that The Heidelberg project does. 
I've been inspired by their unique counter cultural Socio-Political presence for many years and am thrilled to share the following news on their upcoming annual fundraiser 
It’s All About the “D”: Graffiti will take place from 6:00PM to 10:00PM on Thursday, November 15,  2012. The raw-gone-renovated Fine Arts Theater is set to re-open its doors at 2952 Woodward, welcoming guests with live graffiti demonstrations. Guests will also enjoy appetizers, dinner, and dessert provided by local favorites Slows BBQ, Zingermans, Vinsetta Garage, Avalon Bakery and others.  Music by Star Traxx and this year's desired attire, dubbed "Street-Wear Chic," are sure to combine for an evening of fun and friends, “Heidelberg style.
Ticket sales benefit the wide array of Art production, education, and community development programs offered by the HP, and prices range from $75 - $350.  For additional ticket information, please contact     Amanda Sansoterra at (313)974-6894 or visit for online ticket sales. 

I'll be sure to post photos and highlights, but hope to see many of you there!

P.S. - This was one of the most unique, well organized and diverse cultural events I've attended in Detroit.  It had the kind of vibe I've seen in New York, Chicago and LA so keep your ear to the ground for the next Heidelberg event peeps.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Two Groovy Shirts - One Visual Conversation

Pinterest Board: Everyday Fashion, Designer: Miu Miu
Vintage Alex Coleman California
Take a look at these graphic dazzlers.  I know, I know they're not on every girls wish list of must have shirts for the season, but I sheepishly admit they both had me at first glance. 

It took me a bit to connect the visual dots between the Miu Miu shirt image that I joyfully pinned to my "Everyday Closet" board on Pinterest, and the polyester vintage top I recently pulled out of my fall wardrobe inventory.  They're not an exact match but they have some important things in common.  Bold graphic pattern, color schemes, floral motifs, and that groovy long sleeve button down pointed collar shirt style I love so much. 

My friends and family will recognize the latter shirt as it's been a favorite new to me piece since I picked it up last year at Chocolate Vintage ( now closed ) for $5 dollars (the Miu Miu shirt is priced in the $800 dollar range, Silk crepe print via net-a-porter).  I've worn it with skirts, denim blue jeans, black skinny jeans and it feels like a million bucks.  Who says we can't have fun on a budget?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

American Hipster Presents Detroit - Style: Homeslice

Fashion Designer Emily Thornhill a.k.a. Homeslice photo credit: Iryna Zhygalkina

Detroit's Homeslice Clothing Designer Emily Thornhill is featured in the next "American Hipster Presents" piece.  It will be released Monday October 8th online however I was given access to its link here, check it out above.

If you have not heard of American Hipster Presents this is the low down: Our series, American Hipster Presents ( , visits ten cities across the U.S., profiling five trendsetters in each city in the worlds of food, fashion, music, art and social life. 

We aim to showcase the exciting and interesting qualities of a creative generation, making these cities into destinations and hopefully changing some people's negative perceptions of the ubiquitous term "hipster."

The American Hipster channel is part of YouTube's original content initiative which aims to bring consistent, high quality entertainment to the web.

Nice work AHP and way to go there Ms. Emily Thornhill Homeslice in Detroit!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fairy Tale Interrupted The Book

I recently read this book written by Rosemarie Terenzio (JFK Jr's Personal Assistant) and loved it.  The title alone, how very powerful!  I don't know about you, but the books I choose to read always leave a mark on me, so I choose carefully and don't much care for fiction or "pop cultural icons".

Aside from the fascinating stories about John Kennedy Jr, his business associates and relationship with Carolyn Bessette, I really enjoyed learning about Rosemarie's life.   I have so many thoughts and reflections about this very well written book and I highly recommend it be read by students hoping to work in Magazine Publishing, or those who would pursue a career in PR.  Rosemarie did a fine job of highlighting the challenges as well as the confidentiality and trust issues necessary for developing professional relationships in any field. 

If you have read this book, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.  I'll leave you with a quote by JFK Jr, to Rosemarie. "Nothing is as good or bad as it seems in the moment".   What a comfort to know he had that kind of perspective given his unique place in history. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bloomfield Hills Vintage Apparel Show: A Sneak Peek

What A Piece! 
It's a statment piece From Store B Vintage collection (Chicago)
If I were shopping this is the dress for me!

Oh how I want this dress!!! Perfectly classic with a twist, Geoffrey Beene From Store B Vintage collection (Chicago)

Loved this Floral and Velvet Ungaro Dress From Store B Vintage collection (Chicago)

Beautifully datailed Kimono from the Paris Shop

All Photos by Alvita Lozano

The Bloomfield Hills Vintage Apparel Show, a one day event is here tomorrow Saturday, September 29, at the Birmingham Unitarian Church (38651 Woodward Ave.) in Bloomfield Hills from 10 AM to 5 PM. This event is a biannual vintage dream spot for the seasoned style hunter and cost $5 dollars to get in.

The vendors bring out special back room inventory and include Paris Shop located in Royal Oak, MI, Store B Vintage from Chicago, IL, and Heads Up Vintage Collectibles from Pinckney, MI to name several. 

The photos above are a small sample of the quality and type of things you will find at the show.  This is definitely the spot to pick up a fabulous faux or real fur coat for the upcoming season, I noticed a hand full of dealers with a variety of beauties ready to go.  Chic, Hip, Glam, I found it all.  I hope you will swing by and see for yourself.  If you can't let me know and I'll put you in touch with the organizers for a future show.  Enjoy Vintage Divas!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Detroit Fashion Designer Heads To The Capsule Show In New York

Cynthia LaMaide Custom Dresses and Accessories on Model: Candace Wiwel, All Photos by Alvita Lozano

Cynthia LaMaide is one of Detroit's more diversely skilled and sought after independent Clothing Designers and known for her one of a kind knitted garments.  On a recent visit to her studio I also learned that she is serious about maintaining a sustainable approach to fashion design ( no waist and using mostly organic yarn from Italy ). 

Her resume includes costume design and styling in film as well as extensive experience with catalogue photo shoots, and celebrity wardrobe work.  "I'm a perfectionist, working with the best materials to produce a work of art that is wearable, alluring, and timeless".   Her hand work includes knitting, dying, weaving and every facet of sewing.  She also produces a variety of mixed material accessories which include scarves and jewelry.

Mrs LaMaide sells her garments to select upscale boutiques around the country and Europe.  When she travels to trade shows and participates in Art shows, her pieces sell out completely.  Her next collection is headed to the  Capsule Fashion and LifeStyle Tradeshow which will take place on September 18-20 in New York.  She will also participate in a designer trunk show at the hip Soho boutique RUIA on September the 20th.

If you happen to own her work, let me know why you had to have it and what you think of our local fashion star.  If you want to contact Cynthia for custom order and general inquiries send her an e-mail at

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sugar Man Lost And Found In Detroit: Rodriguez

Image Via: Killeraphrodite review
Let's face it, Detroit and America could use some good news right now and this movie is right on time. 
I made a point to see this film over the labor day weekend and what can I say but Only In Detroit!!! 
Rodriguez, the subject of this film is alive and well indeed and from what I can gather, starting to enjoy some of the fruit of his gifts.   Enjoy it Sir, true talent is not manufactured like our automobile industry goods are however your story is just as inspiring and keeps us all moving forward!
The film is playing right now in theaters across America and the soundtrack is also available in many formats via Sony Classics. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

TRASHION: A Showcase of Re-fashioned Ensambles

The Whitdel Gallery Trashion Show Promo Design & Info
Jewelry Pieces by Tiff Massey
Experimental Mannequin: mixed media, found objects by Tiffany Best
Experimental Mannequin: mixed media, found objects by Tiffany Best
Julia K. admires the Cynthia LaMaide: Plastic Garment Bag and Bullet Shell Dress
S. Lapinski "Eve" Dress Form, & Mixed Media Installation
All Photos: A. Lozano

If you are interested in a creative fix and can get over to the Southwest Detroit area for an afternoon, make a B-Line for the Whitdel Art Gallery.  Their latest show features the work of a select group of Fashion and Design people for their 'Trashion" exhibit. 
This upcoming weekend Tiffany Best will be a guest speaker at the gallery, which will also include a hands on family art project for the experimental fashion artist in you.   Check out the Whitdel Gallery site for more details.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Vintage Day Dress Tells A Modern Urban Story In Detroit

Vintage Dealer/Model and Stylist: Cara Lundgren of Dolly Rocker, All Photos/Art Direction by Alvita Lozano

Photo Story: Vintage Dealer/Stylist, modern storyteller of life in an urban landscape

Ms. Cara Lundgren, a long time vintage collector, dealer and stylist in Detroit agreed to a collaborative photo shoot modeling her wardrobe and showcasing an eclectic urban look.  Best known for her tye dyed vintage slip dresses and 70s Boho Rock Goddess personal style, she wears a cotton argyle printed vintage day dress and styled it up with a stretch/cinch brass "Evil Eye" buckle belt, along with a mix of her favorite silver rings, an embossed leather bracelet, a straw woven hat with eyeglasses from Target and a pair of contemporary open toed platform shoes purchased at DSW on sale.   

Ever the hunter of beauty and value, Cara admits to being drawn to garments that she feels can be translated into a contemporary look, "Vintage is not clothing of a bygone static era, the best pieces are timeless and lend themselves to new trends.  Mixing contemporary accessories with a favorite vintage garment is an easy way to make it work for you, it's what I love to do.  As a vintage dealer I'm always learning, doing research and studying what I find."

Some of my favorite vintage statement pieces have been purchased from Cara Lundgren a.k.a. "Dolly Rocker", who keeps an Etsy shop as well as a pop up space at The Rustbelt Market, in Ferndale, Michigan.    

Sunday, July 29, 2012

From Detroit To London An Olympic Pin Up Post

Model/Muse: Lisa C., Stylist: A. Lozano, Shoot Assistant/Direction: Rose Suau, Makeup: Haily C., Hair: Lilly S., Photos: Merlin Elsner
A short American Pin Up photo post to celebrate the opening of the London Olympics.

In the spirit of excellence in world class athletic achievement, we support all of the American Athletes who work so hard to compete for the gold!    xoxo - FreeStyle In Detroit