Monday, December 24, 2012

Bridget Sullivan's Fashion New Years Celebration

Creative Concept: Alvita Lozano, All Photos (c) Lindee Robinson, Wardrobe Designer/Styling is Bridget Sullivan, Models: Natalie Ellis, RedieChoi Shorter and Camille LaMontagne

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It's been a good year for emerging Fashion/Costume Designer Bridget Sullivan.  A 2012 graduate of Detroit's CCS (College For Creative Studies) Fiber Arts/Fashion Studies program.  Her Blog (The Bridget Show) and unique garments caught the attention of Jazz Instrumentalist Esperanza Spauldings wardrobe stylist last year.  Since then Bridget's one of a kind dresses have been worn by the artist for public appearances and also on tour around the world.  

Bridget also landed a five month internship this summer working for Diane Von Furstenberg where she got to experience the frenzy of activity during New York Fashion week.  

Currently back in the Detroit metro area Bridget has accepted a teaching position at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, continues to design and make dresses and hopes to build a collection she will showcase in Detroit's growing Fashion and Art community in the upcoming year.

When I asked Bridget where she sees herself in the next five years her response was simple "I'd like to return to New York, to continue to design pieces that will be worn by other musicians, I would love to make dresses for Taylor Swift."   Music and fashion seem to be powerful pop cultural partners and Bridget Sullivan's work has earned her some attention in both worlds here in Detroit and beyond. 

The photos in this blog are the product of a collaboration between Bridget Sullivan (featuring her original designs) and her network of creative associates: Photographer Lindee Robinson, Make-up: Camille LaMontagne, Hair: Stephanie Hipchen & Stacey Lubec, Models: Natalie Ellis, RediChoi Shorter, Camille LaMontagne.  Jewelry/Accessories and photo shoot location: The Peacock Room.   Congratulations and Happy New Year Detroit Fashion!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Master Of Style - Best AD Campaign of 2012

More Master Of Style Gael Footage

Thank you Gillette for your stylish nod to the Hispanic consumer demographic by featuring Gael Garcia Bernal in your "Master Of Style" Ad Campaign.   As a strategic shopper it takes a lot to get my attention.  Brand loyalty, advertisement campaigns and corporate identity practices is something I'm always studying and exploring in my visual art.  When a company puts this much thought into a commercial campaign I'm compelled to share the good stuff.  Gracias Gillette you are speaking my language!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Polyvore Set: Just 4 Kicks A Holiday Season Thought

My Art Directed Polyvore Set via Polyvore/Pinterest:

Tis the season for over-indulgence, but I am hopeful that many of us will get creative about keeping the season safe, fun and memorable.  My gift to you is this Polyvore set: "Just 4 Kicks" minus the smoking friends, there is NOTHING cool about smoke inhalation.  Peace!