Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I Wore To The Concert

A Rodie Tuning One of His Many Guitars at Intermission

Jackson Browne Older, Better, and More Than Entertaining

Jackson Browne is the poet of my Soul, it's true and I sheepishly admit I have a bit of a crush on him as well. So his recent stop in Ann Arbor, MI on April 20th was a quietly anticipated evening for me. I knew at once I had to wear this retro beaded silk Butterfly top for the occasion ( procured from DetroitDolly )a Detroit Vintage Dealer. It is the perfect visual celebration of my love for fashion and music; a little bit vintage a little bit Rock n Roll. No longer the jeans and t-shirt conservative girl I used to be in High School (when my concert going habit began), my Style has matured to include a little beaded bling for these rare outings. I still wear jeans, boots and leather jackets as I did back then, but I don't sacrifice beauty for comfort, I mix them up and have fun in the process.

Did I imagine myself at a party in a room full of folks with Jackson after the concert? Maybe. Would he notice the stunning color and detailed bead work from afar? I will never know, LOL, and who cares! I dress to celebrate an occasion, to celebrate how I feel about what I love. It was the "right" thing for me to wear to the concert and as the Michigan Theater Marqui announced, it was indeed "An Evening with Jackson Browne".

Sunday, April 17, 2011

IADT - Imagine Fashion Show 2011

Event Date: Wednesday, March 16 2011

CoHost: William Malcolm, Channing Pierce, Best of Show, Cheryl Jackson,
President IADT: Cynthia Bechill

My Favorite Look of the evening: Designer, Mariella Amador

Designer: Sherry Cunningham

Designer: Michael Kawa

Designer: Breanne Galanek (She had a nice collection in general)

Designer: Fannie Oliver

Designer: Eric Dover

Designer: Eric Dover

Designer Eric Dover and Model

Designer: Sarah Luther

All Photos by Fashion Photographer Jenna Belevender

If by any chance you missed this year's IMAGINE Fashion Show, here is a look at a select variety of talent. The event was hosted by William Malcolm (Men's Wear Designer) and Channing Pierce (Miss Michigan, who looked Stunning in her Black Dress: by Bonnie Foley) and from what I understand those who presented work were edited by a local pool of Designers ( Wound Menswear- Sara Lapinski, Fatoula Lambrose, and Adriana Pavon, to name a few ) beforehand.

I enjoyed the brevity of the show and found the designers work and point of view to be interesting and impressive. I give them each verbal respect for following their passion, for working so hard to develop their skills and for being part of the emerging Fashion industry here in Detroit.

I also want to give a shout out to the pool of Models in the show. They were lovely, very professional and full of personality, which helped to make the experience more enjoyable. Matter of fact, the Fashion Designers in general seemed excited and proud of their work and that was neat to see.

Best of Show went to Cheryl Jackson, who's collection was really hip and sassy, the kind of stuff that keeps young Women running to the malls. Congratulations to her!

I want to Thank International Academy of Design & Technology for their dedication to Fashion and to growing the pool of talent in this region's emerging market.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Art, Fashion & Inspiration

Ven - Latin American Artist

Vintage Chanel: French Vogue

The Spring Fashion Dance

Occasionally I come across a mix of photos that seem related in some inspired way. The three above remind me of the coming of spring, the natural beauty of birds, the timeless allure of a perfect dress and the energy and movement of fashion on the runway. Enjoy!