Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cruizin The Pinterest Platform

"She's Got It" a selection of photos from the album on my Pinterest profile

Pinterest is the latest social media platform to create a happy buzz for the image addicted masses.   It's easy to link your existing Twitter or Facebook profiles up to it and off you go. It's becoming quite the tangled technical web and makes cross platform sharing eezy peezy (however when you do so, you automatically agree to share profile and friends data access).  I do enjoy the ability to create visual albums by topic of interest and know many other creative friends who do the same. The above photos are a few dazzlers from my album "She's Got It".
If you happen to be on Pinterest look for me, I'm FreeStyle In Detroit (through my twitter platform profile), and as they say.."Happy Pinning".

Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Garment Labels: What's In A Name?

Vintage Bolero Label: Amour
A  Delightful Vintage Bolero Find For My Styling Adventures!
Once in a great while I come across a vintage find that has a lot of personality.  This bolero jacket is not only wonderfully imagined and sewn it has the perfect label "Amour".    That is exactly what I thought when I laid eyes on it and asked the vendor for a price.   I also have a thing for stripes, so I imagine this was part of the initial attraction.  I know what you might be also screams American flag.  It dawned on me as well, however I can definitely see myself wearing this out in I know they have a thing for bold tradition, fine tailoring and dazzling personal style.   Besides Paris is also known as the city of "Amour".