Monday, August 4, 2014

Vintage Wedding Photo Album

A few prep shots I took of Model Natalie Perkins

The four shots above were taken by Photographer Evangelos K, of Vankou Photography,  Model is Natalie Perkins, MUA: Crystal Drake, Wardrobe styling is A. Lozano

Model Natalie Perkins is a local gal and a  U of M undergrad student with a unique look.  She glows and the camera loves her.  Make Up Artist Crystal Drake organized the project and brought me in for wardrobe styling.  I considered the offer a creative opportunity to help create a 70s vintage inspired look.   

This is a beautiful look for any young Ivy league bride with a love of history and fashion...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

HashTag How I use water in Detroit: A Social Protest

I don't know about you, but it's easy for me to take basic things for granted, I do it all the time subconciously until I recognize it.  Here in Detroit the topic of street protest, radio talk shows and countless news articles of late includes delinquent water bills and access to homeowners, and commercial business owners.  I'm not casting any stones I just wanted to lend my support to the many homeowners and renters in the city of Detroit who have endured the unpleasant reality of having their water turned off due to late water bill payments.  How do we explain the topic constructively to the children who depend upon it for their daily affairs?  I was washing dishes earlier today and found myself starring at the last batch of drinking glasses when a blog post idea hit me. Use everyday photos of how we use water as a form of Social Protest and encourage folks to post photos with the hashtag #HowIusewaterinDetroit to create a digital grassroots photo archive.   Perhaps a city wide photo gallery using instagram and social media post can help tell a simple story and also engage future leaders to get involved.

Here are my two instagram shots....  easy peezy!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Detroit Style Review Launches Apparel This Summer

"Queen" DSR T-Shirt, Smart Summer Style
"Queen" DSR T-Shirt, with my Ethnic Boho mash up look 

New to my wardrobe this summer: "Queen" from the DSR T-Shirt line

Check it out, Detroit Style Review Blogger Jessica Simmons just launched an apparel line.  Her line of T-Shirts are designed to support a larger mission, one that celebrates positive and empowering messages for girls of all ages. In keeping with this goal a % of sales go to The Empowerment Plan here in Detroit.

I'm wearing the "Queen" chess piece graphic T-Shirt a couple of different ways in the photos above.  Both looks represent my person style.

Good Ts, Good Cause, and I get to blog about the launch...Cheers DSR!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Mirror doesn't lie

All photos by Jenna Belevender, Art Direction, Styling and Model is Alvita Lozano
"Your eyes are cameras that send electronic images of the world into you." - the untethered soul, Michael A. Singer
This photo shoot/blog is a study in observation and self reflection: literally and metaphorically.  Who is she? Why is she dressed as she is?  Where is she going? What does she feel and what does she see? 

I see more questions than answers.  What do you see?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Photo Post

The sun doesn't shine much in these parts during December, but the pink shades help me to see and to remember that we are the salt of the earth and light of the world, so keep the faith, follow that North Star till you find the king of kings. - Peace - A.L.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heidelberg Project Window Installation with a Mission

Heidelberg Project Window Installation at Complex in Birmingham, MI
Complex in Birmingham, Store Installation 09/2013
Get your Magic Trash Books at the Complex Installation, an inspiring story for Artist of all ages

Recently designed and installed by Special Programs Coordinator Emily Bunder with the Heidelberg Project and the Young Adults of Heidelberg team is a whimsical and artistic commercial space with a mission.  It's clear Detroit Art can cross city limits and professional boundaries in HP style.  You can see the real space at the Complex in Birmingham, Michigan over the next month.   Enjoy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

When Art meets Metal Jewelry: David Bandlow's Good Stuff

Locket/Cabochon Holder: David E. Bandlow

Custom Ring: David E. Bandlow

How I wear my "Futuristic Leather/Metal Component Ring"

Good Investment, local artist David E. Bandlow, custom ring
A recent acquisition from local metal jewelry and multi-media artist David E. Bandlow was on my wish list when I first saw it listed on his etsy shop, MenageDetroit.

If you have grown tired of the quality and homogenization of name brands and the offerings at chain stores you should consider a limited edition piece from David's on-line shop.  He also gets out to a select number of art shows so keep an eye out for him.  If you have any questions on a piece or want to discuss a custom order, give him a shout at 586 549-1332.