Thursday, August 23, 2012

TRASHION: A Showcase of Re-fashioned Ensambles

The Whitdel Gallery Trashion Show Promo Design & Info
Jewelry Pieces by Tiff Massey
Experimental Mannequin: mixed media, found objects by Tiffany Best
Experimental Mannequin: mixed media, found objects by Tiffany Best
Julia K. admires the Cynthia LaMaide: Plastic Garment Bag and Bullet Shell Dress
S. Lapinski "Eve" Dress Form, & Mixed Media Installation
All Photos: A. Lozano

If you are interested in a creative fix and can get over to the Southwest Detroit area for an afternoon, make a B-Line for the Whitdel Art Gallery.  Their latest show features the work of a select group of Fashion and Design people for their 'Trashion" exhibit. 
This upcoming weekend Tiffany Best will be a guest speaker at the gallery, which will also include a hands on family art project for the experimental fashion artist in you.   Check out the Whitdel Gallery site for more details.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Vintage Day Dress Tells A Modern Urban Story In Detroit

Vintage Dealer/Model and Stylist: Cara Lundgren of Dolly Rocker, All Photos/Art Direction by Alvita Lozano

Photo Story: Vintage Dealer/Stylist, modern storyteller of life in an urban landscape

Ms. Cara Lundgren, a long time vintage collector, dealer and stylist in Detroit agreed to a collaborative photo shoot modeling her wardrobe and showcasing an eclectic urban look.  Best known for her tye dyed vintage slip dresses and 70s Boho Rock Goddess personal style, she wears a cotton argyle printed vintage day dress and styled it up with a stretch/cinch brass "Evil Eye" buckle belt, along with a mix of her favorite silver rings, an embossed leather bracelet, a straw woven hat with eyeglasses from Target and a pair of contemporary open toed platform shoes purchased at DSW on sale.   

Ever the hunter of beauty and value, Cara admits to being drawn to garments that she feels can be translated into a contemporary look, "Vintage is not clothing of a bygone static era, the best pieces are timeless and lend themselves to new trends.  Mixing contemporary accessories with a favorite vintage garment is an easy way to make it work for you, it's what I love to do.  As a vintage dealer I'm always learning, doing research and studying what I find."

Some of my favorite vintage statement pieces have been purchased from Cara Lundgren a.k.a. "Dolly Rocker", who keeps an Etsy shop as well as a pop up space at The Rustbelt Market, in Ferndale, Michigan.