Tuesday, April 14, 2015

JIMI, all is by my side, the film

"When the Power of Love takes over the Love of Power, that's when things will change" - Jimi Hendrix

I really can't believe this film was released last year and I had not heard about it until I came across the DVD in my local library.  It's really well written, with a wonderful cast and the 60s early modern fashion and set design is fantastic!  I was thrilled to learn a little about the musical legend I fell in love with when I was a young girl.  Check it out fashion, history and music aficionados.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Nick Cave Takes Detroit, the launch

All photos by Alvita Lozano at Cranbrook Museum of Art

One of the great things about living in Metro Detroit, is the ability to catch events like this one.  Nick Cave was professionally photographed in front of a live audience at the Cranbrook Museum of Art this afternoon to promote his Here Hear city wide performance art exhibition.  A collaboration between he and the Cranbrook Art Museum.  Keep an eye out for Nick Cave Takes Detroit!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Coming Up in Detroit: Tanqueray, Common and a Saturday Night in Detroit

Tanqueray in Detroit at the MOCAD
Mix your own coctail with Tanqueray
Try the Tom Collins
The Panelist Discuss their brand strategies
DJ M.O.S. equipment

Watercolor of Common on the screen
A lovely spectator listens and poses for a pic as Common gives his talk on stage

Detroit Style Review's Jessica Simmons
Strivers the label..thank you for the T-Shirt!

Tanqueray Trunk Show hosted a first class bash at the MOCAD in Detroit last night.  This is a photo montage of images I captured during the evening.  There was a panel talk by the fashion brand owners of the pop up shops on hand and I picked up a stylish T-Shirt from the Strivers brand.  DJ M.O.S., I call him Master of Sound, had the crowd moving and Common delivered an inspirational talk to the crowd and then had them dancing and singing with him..it was a real PARTAY!  Detroit is one of 6 cities selected for this exclusive event.  I want to thank Detroit Style Review, fashion blogger and apparel line entrepreneur, Jessica Simmons for the invite..I'm a lucky girl to be connected to so many generous and talented people making Detroit a cultural hot spot and hip fashion scene!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A little bit of Sunshiine, Styling a Bohemian Muse

All photos by Alvita Lozano: Model is Cami Beauregard
I had the good pleasure of fitting this lovely young lady, Cami Beauregard for an upcoming photo shoot.  She is the perfect Bohemian Muse for my styling vision.  Just what we need in Detroit right now...a little bit of Sunshine!