Monday, September 27, 2010

Urban Fashion in the "D"

Models: Myranda Barcey & Alex Martin

Alex Martin

Sean Doerr Photographer with Dan Austin
I've called Sean Doerr an "Urban Archeologist" in the past as I believe he conducts research and tells stories with his amazing photographs. They seem to document the down and dirty "Beauty" of everyday people and spaces in Detroit.
I luv these "Urban Fashion" shots of Myranda and Alex because they embody the energy and raw creativity of this place like no other.

Should I be allowed to curate a show on Fashion Photography for a Museum these pics will be included. Until then here they are on the walls of FreeStyle In Detroit for your veiwing pleasure. I do declare Urban Fashion is not lost in Detroit!

Congratulations Sean Doerr and Dan Austin on your first published book...I'm happy to have my very own autographed copy and will enjoy it's splendor and Inspiration again and again.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Winner Is.............Polyester!

The Winner is.... Ron B. New Jersey
David Lindley & Jackson Browne Styling the Polyester

I recently entered a "Show Me The Polyester" fashion contest for a chance to win tickets to see Jackson Browne and David Lindley in concert. It was a fun thing to do...and took some guts to put myself out there with hopes of getting noticed. Well of course I did not pic was kind of boring in the end, but I'm glad I did it. Follow the link to read more about the contest...and Cheers to the winner and my Heros Jackson Browne and David Lindley for adding a little fashion fun to their amazing cultural careers!

"In the end, it is the clothing itself that we look to as a beacon of our belief in humanity's place in the cosmos."