Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art Inspired Fashion Mix

Artist: Jack Youngerman

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Detroit Fashion Designer with A Passion 4 Building Business: Adriana Pavon

Adriana Pavon: photo by Andrew Fang

Photo by Travis Smith

Photo by Travis Smith

Fashion In Detroit: 2010
Fashion In Detroit: 2010

Photo by Chris Jones


I've been impressed with the work of Adriana Pavon for a fascinating mix of reasons. It's visionary, smart in it's execution and presentation and keeps growing in it's range and beauty. There is nothing homogeneous about her body of work and that is extremely exciting.

I'm quoting a good friend ( Latin Model and Actress Denise Carrasco) who said "She's Big Talent" as we discussed Adriana's work recently.

Adriana's work has been showcased at "Fashion In Detroit", and just last week at the "Style" event hosted by B.L.A.C. Magazine who's guest speakers were Robin Gihvan ( Fashion Journalist for the Washington Post) and Michel Martin (NPR Talk Show Host). There is no doubt Adriana is rubbing shoulders with and ruffling feathers amongst other established and well respected designers here in Detroit. However her clients and projects are much broader in scope than most Fashion Designers I've met.

She works tirelessly on building business partnerships and travels often to collaborate with other industry professionals on unique projects. Those hybrid encounters help to keep her creative energy high and her personal networks growing.

Her past professional accomplishments are too many to cover here in my short blog post, but the important thing to know is Adriana has definite plans to make big things happen in Detroit Fashion. Pavon Atelier is on her schedule to launch in the next year: http://www.pavonatelier.com/ .

Meanwhile, in keeping with her unique flare and Mexican Work Ethic, we can be sure she will be producing important new pieces and projects in Fashion.