Sunday, August 23, 2015

Detroit Fashion, an Exhibit

Detroit Historical Museum Exhibit Graphic

Detroit Historical Museum Fashion D.Fined  Exhibit
Jennifer Vermeersch
Local Designer Pieces:"Streets of Detroit Dress" by Christina Letdke and Alex Fredrico 
John Varvatos Exhibit Display, all photos by A. Lozano
Coming soon to the Detroit Historical Museum, "Fashion D.Fined", a Detroit based fashion and retail history exhibit.  It will include national designers: John Varvatos, Vicki Sarge, Tracy Reese, Anna Sui, Mr.Song Millinery, and a host of local designers, initiatives, and retailers.

Opening Event: Friday, September 11th, 6:00 - 10:00 PM at the DHM in Detroit.  See the website for tickets and more information.

Celebrating Detroit's glorious retail and fashion history this exhibit also showcases the work of local contemporary designers. 

While there are many wonderful pieces on display, I was drawn to a colorful and bold necklace by London based, Detroit native Vicki Sarge.

Have a look at this design course Vicki led with students in Head Geneva to see how her work inspires innovative design ideas abroad. 

I want to congratulate DHS Exhibit Director and Curator, Tracy Irwin for her vision, and commitment to building bridges between Detroit's history and today's emerging fashion industry, initiatives and designers with this unique museum exhibit.