Thursday, December 30, 2010

WDJS 2010-2011

Johan Sandberg

Ralph Pucci Mannequins

WDJS is my acronym for What Did Jesus Say...The answer is "Wait until you are clothed with power."
Spiritual Truth for the Ages - Also My Fashion Creed for his Glory!
A seal for my past year and focus for the next..
WDJS 2010-2011

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Historical Fashion Muse and Cultural Women of Style

Wallis Simpson: Glorious Women of Style
I have been completely Captivated by her Refined Classic Style for many years

American born Wallis Simpson also became A historical women
of global controversy when the future King of England abdicated his throne to take her as his Wife. In so choosing Edward eschewed his Royal responsibility and honor for A simpler life....and they became known as The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Today there is a much anticipated Film called "The King's Speech" starring Colin Firth based on the true story of Edward's Brother, King George VI, who was forced onto the thrown and into history as England's next King.

I'm also thrilled to know Madonna is producing a new feature film about Wallis Simpson's life, which is yet to be released. Regardless of it's commercial success or HYPE...I am positive it will be a must see for anyone and everyone in the world of fashion.

The following quote best describes why Wallis Simpson remains a rare fascination for Fashion Historians and A Muse to many generations: "The dresses are decadent in their extravagance and beautiful in their simplicity. But just climbing into them would not have been enough. A woman needed insouciance and dash to bring them off." - Frances Osborne

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Lovely Creatures One Dark Fashion Vision

Models Rose Suau and Janna Bisette
Photo shoot Styled by Me - AKA FreeStyle In Detroit
Collective Photo Project: Top 4 by Me (Alvita Lozano) The bottom 3 shots by Janna Bissette: LilacPop Photography

This photo shoot was the brain child of Rose Suau (Artistic Direction with an Advertising background), who came to me with an idea for a Scary Doll look she wanted to capture in photos. I don't think I would have ever come up with it myself, but of course when she sold me on the vision....I put the wardrobe together. I really do love the clothes in this shoot...I think they look fantastic on them. As you can see Janna and Rose, have amazing creative energy and it was a thrill to collaborate with them on this project. Janna is also an accomplished and prolific artist and photographer. We had unseasonably warm weather the day of the shoot and that was an additional blessing as this was an early November shoot. Thanks to Cheryl Salinas Tucker of ROUGE MakeUp and Nail Salon and Anna Latorre on Hair, we got so many lovely pics for our portfolios.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking For Ashley Lawler

Above Drawing is a Stock photo of Women's Body: Illustration of Dress Design by Ashley Lawler
All Other Photos are Portfolio Work of Ashley Lawler

It took a little persistence and a lot of patience to hear back from Ashley Lawler. The Fine Art Photographer and aspiring Graphic Designer is busy building an impressive portfolio of work. Her 3D photo collages are fantastic, but you will have to take my word for it. Shown above The first photo: 'The Fighter" was part of a student photo exhibition at OCC Royal Oak campus when I spotted her talent.

I asked for permission to show a very small group of photos I felt showed her eye for telling unique stories of Women. They capture something beautiful to view, but also so much emotion and most important I think they invite questions. Why is she holding her head that way? Why is her face missing? Why is she sitting on her suitcase? Why is the pink light halo glowing at the peak of the lovely umbrella? Why the firm open legged stance in such a beautiful red dress with combat boot? I love images that pull me in with beauty and questions.....A powerful combination for a fine art photographer to master.

Ashley is currently taking course work in Visual Communication and wants to work in Advertising and Film. She is also passionate about Lomography and collects exotic vintage cameras, which include: Brownies, Hawkeyes, Holga's, and Octomatt's.

I'm excited to see her portfolio continue to grow and I hope to own some of her amazing work in the future. Find out what she is up to and contact her for commissions, collaborations, and purchases by e-mail at

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art Inspired Fashion Mix

Artist: Jack Youngerman

Don't underestimate the power of your personal choices. The trick is to learn to see the world around you as a fascinating and glorious closet of opportunity. Stylist are Social Artist...we speak a mysterious and alluring universal language. Listen and See for yourself.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Detroit Fashion Designer with A Passion 4 Building Business: Adriana Pavon

Adriana Pavon: photo by Andrew Fang

Photo by Travis Smith

Photo by Travis Smith

Fashion In Detroit: 2010
Fashion In Detroit: 2010

Photo by Chris Jones

I've been impressed with the work of Adriana Pavon for a fascinating mix of reasons. It's visionary, smart in it's execution and presentation and keeps growing in it's range and beauty. There is nothing homogeneous about her body of work and that is extremely exciting.

I'm quoting a good friend ( Latin Model and Actress Denise Carrasco) who said "She's Big Talent" as we discussed Adriana's work recently.

Adriana's work has been showcased at "Fashion In Detroit", and just last week at the "Style" event hosted by B.L.A.C. Magazine who's guest speakers were Robin Gihvan ( Fashion Journalist for the Washington Post) and Michel Martin (NPR Talk Show Host). There is no doubt Adriana is rubbing shoulders with and ruffling feathers amongst other established and well respected designers here in Detroit. However her clients and projects are much broader in scope than most Fashion Designers I've met.

She works tirelessly on building business partnerships and travels often to collaborate with other industry professionals on unique projects. Those hybrid encounters help to keep her creative energy high and her personal networks growing.

Her past professional accomplishments are too many to cover here in my short blog post, but the important thing to know is Adriana has definite plans to make big things happen in Detroit Fashion. Pavon Atelier is on her schedule to launch in the next year: .

Meanwhile, in keeping with her unique flare and Mexican Work Ethic, we can be sure she will be producing important new pieces and projects in Fashion.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Styling Matt's Amazing Eco Couture Creations

Matt Richmond's Eco Couture Dresses: Saving The Planet 1 Dress At A Time
October 10, 2010: Fashion Gorilla Rampage in Royal Oak, MI

It's not everyday a Fashion Stylist gets a call to collaborate with a Fashion Designer who uses anything but fabric for his dresses. So I was delighted to style the accessories for Matt's very first Fashion Gorilla Rampage event.

Really what happened was a secret society of talented fashion people came together to support Matt's Fashion Vision and the results are still poring in.

These few photos I snapped are but a slice of the photo archives to find their way around town and into the spotlight.

Great Work team Aveda (Hair & Makeup), Matt Richmond, AJ, all the Models, Style Assistants, and Photographers. The fruits of our labor will be distributed in the near future at a small reunion party to be announced soon. See you then!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Ordinary Bag Lady

Celine: Bowler Bag
Fendi: Zucca Tote
Prada: Mini cross body bag

Valentino: Red Patent Leather

I'm not sure how old I was when I began to carry a handbag on a regular basis. Do you recall when that took place in your life? It's kind of a murky transition isn't it.

Like any other fashion collector I have an eclectic mix of handbags in my closet and am always on the hunt for another special addition. Each of the above bags would certainly be on that list if I could afford to acquire them that is.

At this point I'm content however to study, admire and write about my favorites.

These bags provide the right mix of utility, beauty, and glamour for my active lifestyle.

If I had to choose only one of the bunch the Celine Bowler Bag gets the nod. I'm a sucker for hip, smart and fabulous. I'm also an admitted "Bag Lady" but ordinary is a No No!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Urban Fashion in the "D"

Models: Myranda Barcey & Alex Martin

Alex Martin

Sean Doerr Photographer with Dan Austin
I've called Sean Doerr an "Urban Archeologist" in the past as I believe he conducts research and tells stories with his amazing photographs. They seem to document the down and dirty "Beauty" of everyday people and spaces in Detroit.
I luv these "Urban Fashion" shots of Myranda and Alex because they embody the energy and raw creativity of this place like no other.

Should I be allowed to curate a show on Fashion Photography for a Museum these pics will be included. Until then here they are on the walls of FreeStyle In Detroit for your veiwing pleasure. I do declare Urban Fashion is not lost in Detroit!

Congratulations Sean Doerr and Dan Austin on your first published book...I'm happy to have my very own autographed copy and will enjoy it's splendor and Inspiration again and again.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Winner Is.............Polyester!

The Winner is.... Ron B. New Jersey
David Lindley & Jackson Browne Styling the Polyester

I recently entered a "Show Me The Polyester" fashion contest for a chance to win tickets to see Jackson Browne and David Lindley in concert. It was a fun thing to do...and took some guts to put myself out there with hopes of getting noticed. Well of course I did not pic was kind of boring in the end, but I'm glad I did it. Follow the link to read more about the contest...and Cheers to the winner and my Heros Jackson Browne and David Lindley for adding a little fashion fun to their amazing cultural careers!

"In the end, it is the clothing itself that we look to as a beacon of our belief in humanity's place in the cosmos."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beauty and Time A Silent Dance

Pink Lips: Photographer David Smith

What is Time?

I love the simplicity of Photographer David Smith's Pink Lips photo. The Asymmetrical smile is girlish and alluring. It represents the innocent glow of youth. It is one of those timeless Photo shots that will be as lovely in 50 years as it is today. As I admired and reflected on the Pink Lips photo, it inspired a thought: "Beauty is Fleeting...But Fashion Is Timeless." I think perhaps that is why the two are so intoxicating whether we realize it or not. One holds the promise of Glory and the other provides the 'Tools" to achieve it.