Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Historical Fashion Muse and Cultural Women of Style

Wallis Simpson: Glorious Women of Style
I have been completely Captivated by her Refined Classic Style for many years

American born Wallis Simpson also became A historical women
of global controversy when the future King of England abdicated his throne to take her as his Wife. In so choosing Edward eschewed his Royal responsibility and honor for A simpler life....and they became known as The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Today there is a much anticipated Film called "The King's Speech" starring Colin Firth based on the true story of Edward's Brother, King George VI, who was forced onto the thrown and into history as England's next King.

I'm also thrilled to know Madonna is producing a new feature film about Wallis Simpson's life, which is yet to be released. Regardless of it's commercial success or HYPE...I am positive it will be a must see for anyone and everyone in the world of fashion.

The following quote best describes why Wallis Simpson remains a rare fascination for Fashion Historians and A Muse to many generations: "The dresses are decadent in their extravagance and beautiful in their simplicity. But just climbing into them would not have been enough. A woman needed insouciance and dash to bring them off." - Frances Osborne

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