Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking For Ashley Lawler

Above Drawing is a Stock photo of Women's Body: Illustration of Dress Design by Ashley Lawler
All Other Photos are Portfolio Work of Ashley Lawler

It took a little persistence and a lot of patience to hear back from Ashley Lawler. The Fine Art Photographer and aspiring Graphic Designer is busy building an impressive portfolio of work. Her 3D photo collages are fantastic, but you will have to take my word for it. Shown above The first photo: 'The Fighter" was part of a student photo exhibition at OCC Royal Oak campus when I spotted her talent.

I asked for permission to show a very small group of photos I felt showed her eye for telling unique stories of Women. They capture something beautiful to view, but also so much emotion and most important I think they invite questions. Why is she holding her head that way? Why is her face missing? Why is she sitting on her suitcase? Why is the pink light halo glowing at the peak of the lovely umbrella? Why the firm open legged stance in such a beautiful red dress with combat boot? I love images that pull me in with beauty and questions.....A powerful combination for a fine art photographer to master.

Ashley is currently taking course work in Visual Communication and wants to work in Advertising and Film. She is also passionate about Lomography and collects exotic vintage cameras, which include: Brownies, Hawkeyes, Holga's, and Octomatt's.

I'm excited to see her portfolio continue to grow and I hope to own some of her amazing work in the future. Find out what she is up to and contact her for commissions, collaborations, and purchases by e-mail at

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