Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anna Tyler Fashion Designer On The Move

Above Photo shoot Team: Styling by Rula - Inclusive Styling, Photos by Evangelos Koutsavdis, Models: Lesley Arens & Patti Boring, All Costume/Fashion and accessories are Anna Tyler

IADT Best Of Show Winner - 2010 at Fox Theater

Anna's Work Featured on this year's Imagine Fashion Show Advertisement

Anna Tyler won the "Best In Show" competition at last year's International Academy of Design and Technology's Fashion gala. I attended that event with a Designer friend Janell Rogers and came away from that show curious about her story, it took me almost a year to find her. It seems Detroit International Academy of Design and Technology recongnized the importance of her work enough to feature it on this year's "Imagine Fashion Show" promotional material also. Anna is a graduate of their Fashion program.

I'm a huge fan of her fashion vision and am impressed not only with her skill and maturity but her dedication to living outside the box. A work opportunity has taken her to Melbourne
Australia where she is working as a graphic artist for a textile wholesaler. She is also working on her own designs for accessories and a series of pencil drawings to be sold at a variety of weekend markets.

Check out her website for updates on her career developments and news or stop by her Facebook page to say hi to a home girl on the move. Detroit can't hold her here, but Anna Tyler believes in the fashion community and it's talent ( look at the fabulous shoot with local talent above ). Way to go Anna, we will be glad to follow your success where ever it happens to take you from Detroit, to Melbourne and beyond!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Detroit Art Scene is Lady Gaga's Kind of Place

Techtown's Cadillac Warhouse Hosted 1 x 1 Event

Artist In Warhouse

I'm a huge fan of Trisha Holt's Still Life Photography Work,

I purchased this print from photographer Nick Olsen

Metalwork Student: 'Tangled" jewelry study Katie Macdonald

Brian DuBois, "Detroit on A Platter"

Miniature Resin Model - The City of Detroit

They come in various colors

Matthew Plumstead Furniture Designer

This table is a sleek and functional piece of Art

Organize your wardrobe with"Space Dots" Functional Art by Professor: Scott Klinker

Ying Qing Liu's Silver petal rings are a wonderful tactile experience

Gender and Power Hanging Ceramic Sculpture

Artist Sid Caldwell featured Suede Leather Covered Stones

Chris Ulrich, paint and canvas sculputural Art

It looks very simple, but I assure you they are amazing pieces,
Skin Like (leather hide) Metal Brooches by Jane Ritchie

3D color mesh fabric sculpture by
She is also showing work at The Detroit Artist Market

"Honeyruffle" is the work of Amy Weiks - I'm a huge fan of her work and this piece

Artist also designed the package for his Sculpture

Colorized Panel Wall Sculpture

Edgar Mosa's Modern Pearl Necklace made of Wood

Heated Felt Fiber Lamp Cover and Arm Cuff

Younghee Hong Models her Work
Her perfectly scaled Sculptural Wall Art/Brooch Series

A young girl observing the Mobile Hot Dog Stand "Franks Anatra"

Learn more about these cool "Metal Vessels" at Mark Baker Studios

Melissa Duckworth "Dirty Confessions" Poetry Book/Dress Exhibit is Fantastic

Anna Adler typed up dictated letters and sent them off to.....

A Ceramic Emergency Book Sculpture by Sigrid Espelien

Check out Malene's Amazing work: Portfolio

Artist for me are cultural Rock Stars, they re-define the boundaries of what we know and how we experience the world around us. The work I got to see at Cranbrook's first Stand alone Student, Alumni and Faculty show in Detroit was a unique collective experience. The vacant warehouse and Artist uniforms belied the serious art showcased and sold over it's two day installation. The 1 x 1 format was a guideline for featuring a single piece of work from an artist's portfolio.

The evening of Friday February 25th was the opening gala for collectors and supporters of Cranbrook Academy of Art. I found food, live music and an eclectic mix of people busily engaged with Students and Faculty purchasing Art. The second day of the show had a minimal admission fee and ran all day for the Art loving general public.

The photos I snapped of the Student and Faculty Artist above were just a few of my favorite. Check out their websites for more information or contact them by e-mail.

As a Stylist, I'm always looking for new ways to connect the sociological dots between, Art, Fashion, and Music, because I believe they are a powerful "Cultural Triad". They produce democratic signs of change.

Think Lady Gaga, she has a firm grip on this philosophy. Detroit is her kind of place, ripe with inspiration. When she calls, Cranbrook's community of artist will welcome the opportunity and Detroit will be ready to export it's distinctive beauty to the rest of the world. Artist Rebekah Frank is already getting calls from New York's Fashion Stylist about her amazing "Body and Material" Metal-Wear. It's good to be living and working in Detroit if you are looking for a golden creative grapevine. Our doors and minds are open to innovation and Art is our collective language!