Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fashion Blogger, Photographer, Local Girl: Elaine Von Vintage

Ashlee Harris...AKA Elaine Von Vintage

Ashlee's Fashion Photo Shoot Work

Ashlee Harris aka Elaine Von Vintage is the real deal. Model, Photographer, Vintage Guru, and creative visionary. For here 22 years, I was thoroughly impressed with her confidence and fashion knowledge. She works at Forever 21 and hones her photography skills shooting various friends and events on the side.

I have been a fan of her stylish blog: "Elaine Von Vintage" for the last year, and adore her shopping adventures featuring thrift finds and her diverse stylish ensembles. She often models the clothes and also shares what she pays for each item.

Ashlee collects vintage handbags and enjoys thrift store shopping to find various pieces that are "one of a kind items" to add to her wardrobe.

I was tickled to find out she loves James Taylor, whom I am also a huge fan.

Check out Ashlee's flickr page "FancyDior" for her latest fashion photography and make sure to follow her blog: Elaine Von Vintage for more on this Detroit Girl Gone Fashion...and local rising star.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Local Jewelry Designer, Artist - Jennifer Vermeersch

Arctic Sea - Erte Vintage Print
Nile - Erte Vintage Print

Model Elizabeth Kincaid wearing a stunning Jennifer Vermeersch Necklace at my Modern Day Cleopatra Photo Shoot - Photo by Alvita Lozano

Another photo shoot I Styled with Jennifer's Necklace on
Model and Photographer - Janna Bissette

Aubrey Beardsley book - with Jennifer's necklace

Two separate and unique pieces layered
Jennifer's work is on display and sold at ROUGE

Jennifer wearing one of her glorious creations

The Lovely and Eclectic Jennifer Vermeersch

Eclectic Bohemian Jewelry is the desire of Women with bold personal style and Jennifer Vermeersch is a unique talent working in this rare aesthetic genre.

The jewelry featured here in my blog are definitely her more elaborate pieces, but she also makes simpler pieces, which include earrings and various custom accessories.

Her work includes a mix of glass, semi precious stones, custom metal work, vintage plastic, and precious metals. They are each finely crafted showing her high level of creativity and craftsmanship. Every piece is an artistic exploration, as she does not duplicate ideas, or materials when creating them.

Jennifer admires the work of artist Aubrey Beardsley, Sergay Smirrov, Kay Nielson, and Erte. Each of those artist has a surreal, romantic, yet graphic element to their work. Erte in particular is classic, glam deco and timeless.

I've had the opportunity to use some of her work in a couple of my fashion photo shoots recently. Jennifer's jewelry has also been used in fashion shows working with Femilia Couture in the past. Her work is currently sold at The Detroit Artist Market and also at ROUGE in Ferndale, MI.

Jennifer teaches several four week classes in jewelry making which include: Metal Smith Techniques, Glass Bead Making, and Bead Stringing. You can contact her directly for more information by e-mail and make sure to follow her Fan Page for current information.

By the way if you ever bump into the amazing Iris Apfel, be sure to tell her about Jennifer's work, I have a feeling it just might make her swoon!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fashioning Fiction - Photography, Art and Fashion

"The viewer was slowly, incrementally, being drawn down a path that was bringing the images of fashion closer to the realities of life." - Susan Kismaric and Eva Respini co - curators of Fashioning Fiction in Photography.

I'm beyond thrilled to have this book in my library. I have a deep appreciation for History and especially enjoy the research canonized in this exhibition. So much of what the current generation is consuming in the way of Fashion Marketing today was forged by previous masters featured in this book. Similarly many Photographers in Art and Fashion are working in one of these genres weather they realize it or not. It is a critical resource for the Art Photography and Fashion community at large.