Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Photo Post

The sun doesn't shine much in these parts during December, but the pink shades help me to see and to remember that we are the salt of the earth and light of the world, so keep the faith, follow that North Star till you find the king of kings. - Peace - A.L.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heidelberg Project Window Installation with a Mission

Heidelberg Project Window Installation at Complex in Birmingham, MI
Complex in Birmingham, Store Installation 09/2013
Get your Magic Trash Books at the Complex Installation, an inspiring story for Artist of all ages

Recently designed and installed by Special Programs Coordinator Emily Bunder with the Heidelberg Project and the Young Adults of Heidelberg team is a whimsical and artistic commercial space with a mission.  It's clear Detroit Art can cross city limits and professional boundaries in HP style.  You can see the real space at the Complex in Birmingham, Michigan over the next month.   Enjoy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

When Art meets Metal Jewelry: David Bandlow's Good Stuff

Locket/Cabochon Holder: David E. Bandlow

Custom Ring: David E. Bandlow

How I wear my "Futuristic Leather/Metal Component Ring"

Good Investment, local artist David E. Bandlow, custom ring
A recent acquisition from local metal jewelry and multi-media artist David E. Bandlow was on my wish list when I first saw it listed on his etsy shop, MenageDetroit.

If you have grown tired of the quality and homogenization of name brands and the offerings at chain stores you should consider a limited edition piece from David's on-line shop.  He also gets out to a select number of art shows so keep an eye out for him.  If you have any questions on a piece or want to discuss a custom order, give him a shout at 586 549-1332.

Monday, July 1, 2013

California Dream Girl...From Detroit with Love

California Palm Tree Inspiration: Pinterest Board Collection

Kelsey Knickerbocker Model
Kelsey Knickerbocker Model
Kelsey Knickerbocker Model
Kelsey Knickerbocker Model
Photographer Ali Saloum, Kelsey Knickerbocker Model
Kelsey Knickerbocker Model
Kelsey Knickerbocker Model, All Photos, Wardrobe Styling/Creative Concept Alvita Lozano, Hair: Josie Moreno/Celia Rodriguez, MakeUp Artist: Crystal Drake Mua, Location: Ferndale MI, 2013

Ahhh California, who can resist those blue skies, soaring palm trees and big dreams! 

I hope you like the preview images from a recent fashion photo shoot we romantic creative Detroiters organized to celebrate our appreciation for the beauty that is distinctly California.  Vintage inspired and brought to life by our California Dream Girl: Kelsey Knickerbocker Model and team members, Photographer shooting the professional images is Ali Saloum, Make-Up Artist: Crystal Drake Mua , Hair Stylist: Josie Moreno and Celia Rodriguez.  I was responsible for the concept, shoot locations and wardrobe styling.  Professional Images posted later, check back and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Iranian Artist In Exile Shirin Neshat DIA Exhibit Discussion In Ferndale

Ken Szmigiel speaks on the Art of Shirin Neshat at Ferndale Public Library
This week at the Ferndale Public Library a special discussion on the work of Shirin Neshat, her exhibit at the DIA and her powerful artistic voice. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Must See Urban Art The Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project Street Looking East

I was in aw of this old building veiled in plush toys and hope
Removed artifacts from the OJ House Fire
The back view of the OJ House with dumpster clean up in progress
Fountain and shoes installation in front of The House Of Numbers
Installation North of Heidelberg Street, come see it for yourself
All photos by A. Lozano: Kids In The Hood Student Art Exhibit in the House of Numbers at The Heidelberg Project
Huffington Post story update on the fire
The Saturday before Mothers Day was a fine day to visit The Heidelberg Project in Detroit.  A fellow art enthusiast, design colleague and cultural explorer friend and I made a plan to visit this urban jewel for the first time.  The recent fire at the OJ house gave us an opportunity to see the altered structure for ourselves.  An exhibit titled Kids In The Hood was open to the public at The House of Numbers and peaceful visitors marveled at the lively spirit, playful art and earnest renewal underway.  It really is quite difficult to put into words the beauty and wonder of The Heidelberg Project but it feels quite a bit like a Sociological Altar, magnetic and alive!  I'll be back again and again.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flora Will Save The Day

Floral Bouquet on display at shop in Paris France
Photo by Sevil Sungar, world traveler, co-owner of Goodnight Istanbul
former Detroit resident and an unstoppable Stylish Friend

Pinterest Board: Flower Power Jacket
Mother Nature respects Beauty.  Flora, an unstoppable celebration of color, texture and scent.  As the perfume and fashion industry seeks to mimic it's force and allure we embrace it all with open arms, eyes and hearts longing to dress ourselves in divine forms of praise for our creator.

Happy Mothers Day to you and yours may the beauty of nature, friendship and faith find and keep you everyday. -  xoxo alvita

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Live Music In The Hood

Metrotimes paper dress by Matt Richmond with my accessory styling photo: a. lozano
There will be a lot of foot traffic and buzz in the hood this week/weekend for Metrotimes Blowout music festival.  Some of the venues include the Public Library, The Rustbelt Market, and The Loving Touch on Woodward.  I hope to bump into some of you.  If you see me, come say hi and let me know you saw this post.  Music is good for the soul and good for mixing it up here in Ferndale.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas Bring it Home to Detroit


All Photos by Ali Saloum Photography

I cold called Graphic Designer and Art Director Susi Cruz of Cruz Creative Studio last year in my professional meandering for research purposes.  Our creative discussions eventually turned to the local music scene as I learned that Susi and Jessica Hernandez (of Jessica Hernandez &The Deltas) are relatives.  Detroit can be a very small city when you are curious and friendly.

If you keep your ear to the ground people talk up their favorite local acts.  Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas ( Blue Note Records ) is one of those grapevine bands in the national spotlight and currently on tour across the states.  In late March the band performed at St. Andrews Hall with The Mexican Knives and James Linck to a loyal and diverse crowd. 

I attended the show as a spectator having heard Young, Drunk and Dumb which is a thoughtful and melodic tune showcasing Ms. Hernandez's distinctive voice and keen intelligence.  A petite even tempered and unassuming Latin beauty Jessica is also known for her hip and eclectic personal style.  When she walks onto a stage you know she has a unique point of view.  At this show a horn section performed with Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas and can be heard on their Caught Up single featured in this neat promotional clip by Matthew Franklin.  

Midway through the concert I moved to the back of the hall to take in the crowd and bumped into James Linck  whom I quickly began to interrogate FBI style.  He's a slightly shy dude but friendly and hugely gifted.  Opposites is a sweet and clever favorite of mine.  You can check it out on his Soundcloud profile

I love live music and enjoyed the whole line up including the stilt-walkers via (The Detroit Circus).  Congratulations Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, The Mexican Knives and James Linck the evening was well worth the price of admission. 

A mini production of the concert can be seen here on vimeo.  Check their tour dates for details on the next Detroit show.  I'd love to hear your thoughts if you attended the show or have a favorite record from any of the bands. 

I need to thank Ali Saloum for the photos in this post, a gentleman and Detroit creative at work and play.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Under The Poppy Comes to Life In Historic Detroit Home

Book Cover Under The Poppy, original script for production based on the book

Original Music for Under The Poppy Prodction by Joe Stacy and Lyrics by Kathe Koja

Under The Poppy Puppet Characters, Photos by A. Lozano unless noted

Under The Poppy is ready for it's next incarnation this time at the historic Bernard Ginsburg House in Detroit's Brush Park.

Author/Director and ring master Kathe Koja has pulled together a wonderful pool of local talent working feverishly to bring to life her "Authentic Historic Theater Production Under The Poppy Brothel."  Working with a new cast of actors, custom life size puppet and authentic wardrobe this show is sure to be a memorable feast for the soul.  For more details and ticket information check out the website

Audience is encouraged to wear Victorian, Steam-Punk or Formal wardrobe to the event and mask will be provided for adventurous patrons. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

FILWF: Red Balloon Pop-Up Installation - Valentine's Day 2013

Installation/Card Design and all photos by a. Lozano

Happy Valentine’s Day FernCare Visual Art Installation is a 3D Pop-Up Window Display Fundraiser.  A spin off from the original Fall In Love With Fashion Valentine’s Day Art Exhibit premier 2012.
About the Installation:  Red balloons are a symbol of hope and creative ideas in my work.  I wanted to keep the theme from FILWF but also include a Helium news story element. Helium commonly used in the balloon industry (and other emerging technology applications) is an important commodity and big business in our country.  Check out this national story via CBS this morning.   
I created a simple heart shaped outline made of red balloons with their individual strings tethered to a single red balloon pulling them up and away.  Each of the balloons on the floor represents an important resource (people, time, money, creativity, or material). The single floating red balloon is a cause, a creative movement, or a business opportunity that illustrates how they might get pulled together to make something amazing happen. Our needs often have the potential to transform us individually and collectively.  That is at the heart of what I call social philanthropy.  
A vital local cause we can all support.  Scan the QR code below to make a donation to FernCare Free Clinic Inc. via their website.  Let’s support this important local resource today.  It’s genuinely sweet, good for our hearts and easy peasy.

100% of your donations benefit FernCare Free Clinic Inc.

A special thanks to Mother Fletcher’s Vintage for the window display space

February 6-16 2013 - a. Lozano, FreeStyle In Detroit

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind support!   xoxo - a. Lozano