Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Garment Labels: What's In A Name?

Vintage Bolero Label: Amour
A  Delightful Vintage Bolero Find For My Styling Adventures!
Once in a great while I come across a vintage find that has a lot of personality.  This bolero jacket is not only wonderfully imagined and sewn it has the perfect label "Amour".    That is exactly what I thought when I laid eyes on it and asked the vendor for a price.   I also have a thing for stripes, so I imagine this was part of the initial attraction.  I know what you might be also screams American flag.  It dawned on me as well, however I can definitely see myself wearing this out in I know they have a thing for bold tradition, fine tailoring and dazzling personal style.   Besides Paris is also known as the city of "Amour".


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  2. Hi Milliscent, thanks for the comment and for sharing the link, it looks like a super resource!