Sunday, March 25, 2012

Julia Kostiuk: Model Personality Student of Beauty and Balance

Photographer Vladimir Shurubura
Photographer: Ksju Kami
Photographer: Vladimir Shurubura
Photographer is: Ksju Kami Photography

Julia Kostuik is a stunning Eastern European import to Detroit Metro and keeps a busy and productive schedule.  Currently earning her bachelors degree in business at WSU, she is also a Yoga Instructor with a day job in the financial field.   

If you happen to meet her in person you will immediately notice her down to earth personality and that she can hold an engaging conversation on any topic.  Julia is very proud of her cultural roots, born in Lviv, located on the Western side of Ukraine and sometimes referred to as the Paris of Eastern Europe.  She knows her history and enjoys sharing important historical aspects of the changes her country has undergone in the last 50 years.  Ever the student of beauty and balance she speaks several languages, enjoys Modeling, Fashion Styling, Interior Design and continually hones her Visual Arts experience.  She can be contacted for professional modeling and yoga instruction inquiries via e-mail. 

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