Monday, March 12, 2012

Post FILWF: A Visual Story

Photo: Jenna Belevender, Fashion Shoot Photography on display by Eric Peoples
Photo: EPic Images, Eric People, "The Queeen" experimental garment by Artist Tiffany Best
Photo: Jenna Belevender, Joey Merhcant, "Illusions Collection" Art Dress
Photo: Jenna Belevender, Artist Joey Merchant, wearing her "Illusions Collection" Custom Art Dress
Photo: Jenna Belevender, Paper Fortune Tellers
Luke Song Millinery: "Birdcage" Photo: EPic Images, Eric Peoples
Photo: EPic Images, Eric Peoples of Artist: Rose Suau and Alivta Lozano
Photo: Jenna Belevender, "Cake Box" by Elizabeth Kincaid
Photo: Jenna Belevender, Luke Song Millinery
Photo: Eileen Isotalo, Mark Sarmel Artwork
Photo: Nichole Christian, of Red Balloon prints, by Eric Peoples and Alvita Lozano
Photo: A. Lozano, Art by Toni Nunn
Dorinda Balanicki: Vita's Favorite Desert, Photo: Jenna Belevender
Photo: Britta Brookes of Artist Joey Merchant and Stylist Cara Lundgren
Photo: Birtta Brookes of Rose and Mario Suau: Invisible Twin Audio Narration Production "Young Hearts"

The Pulitzer prize winning poet Chevlof Milov once said "poetry is very much at least in structure akin to a collage".  I think that is a wonderful analogy.  So much of what we consume visually today is best appreciated in a collage format.  I'm reminded of Pinterest as an example of this kind of digital platform. 
I hope this post is a pleasant visual re-cap of the FILWF exhibit.  Thank you to everyone who came out to see it, to those who worked so hard to make it happen (Special Thanks to Heather Rehe: Salon Rehe, Eric Peoples: Epic Images, Rose Suau: bunnyteeth) and also to those of you who stopped to view this post.  I hope you fall in love with something everyday!

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