Wednesday, October 3, 2012

American Hipster Presents Detroit - Style: Homeslice

Fashion Designer Emily Thornhill a.k.a. Homeslice photo credit: Iryna Zhygalkina

Detroit's Homeslice Clothing Designer Emily Thornhill is featured in the next "American Hipster Presents" piece.  It will be released Monday October 8th online however I was given access to its link here, check it out above.

If you have not heard of American Hipster Presents this is the low down: Our series, American Hipster Presents ( , visits ten cities across the U.S., profiling five trendsetters in each city in the worlds of food, fashion, music, art and social life. 

We aim to showcase the exciting and interesting qualities of a creative generation, making these cities into destinations and hopefully changing some people's negative perceptions of the ubiquitous term "hipster."

The American Hipster channel is part of YouTube's original content initiative which aims to bring consistent, high quality entertainment to the web.

Nice work AHP and way to go there Ms. Emily Thornhill Homeslice in Detroit!

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