Monday, October 10, 2011

101% Fashion Ride Recap!

Fashion Designer Cynthia LaMaide
Fashion re-designer Sarah Jane Sarah Jane, photo is J. Bissette

Janna Bissetts Motor City Painting is for Sale photo is Jai Singleton

101% Fashion Ride Feature Artist Janna Bissett in front of her Painting

Event location: Crofoot in Pontiac, by Jason Loudermilk

Hi Friends, I'm a couple of blogs behind schedule but I just want to say a few words about a neat event put on by P2 productions recently.  I posted a few photos of the fashion show.  Fatoula Lambros, Cynthia LaMaide, and Sarah Jane Sarah Jane and Luminetta all had nice showings.  

The theme of the event mixed Detroit Fashion Mavens with Motorcycle enthusiest and the hip urban Art/Photography of Janna Bissett.  This event was also a "Pink Fund" fundraiser which is the cause of choice for P2 "Fash Fest" organizers.

The Artwork and Photography of Janna Bissett gave this event a cool dimension that most of these shows are missing.   

 By that I mean to say I have an affinity for both Art and Fashion in tandem, I do not experience them as exclusive or seperate entities in my lifestyle. So this made complete sense to see them together. It's a win, win format Detroit.

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