Friday, October 28, 2011

A Place To Call Home In The "D"

October Issue of HOUR cover
Props for the October AD shoot

CWBWMH: AD shoot agents

Shoot location kitchen island and props...that's a wrap!

Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel AD write up in October issue of HOUR, Photo by Lepeer Photography

 "Carve out a place to call home" is a brilliant tag line for this AD shoot (Concept and Tag is credited to the Marketing team at Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel).  It's also a great line for the future of Detroit in my humble opinion.  I'm tremendously hopeful about the future of this city and the collective industry here in Michigan. 

I once told an associate during an interview "If you can make it in Detroit you can make it anywhere".  That's my spin on the old addage "If you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere".  In my way of thinking, Detroit is the other side of the coin in the Creative/Fashion market demographic. Where NY has become too expensive to operate and compete in a diversified global market Detroit is primed for a major influx of people and opportunity on a grand scale.  It may take some time, but we are ready and willing to take our place!

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