Saturday, October 22, 2011

European Magazine Fix via Leopold's Books

Another Magazine: Fall/Winer Cover 2011

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Leopold's bookstore is a smart and unassuming place to visit.  If you are a bookish/magazine sort this is a must stop and see and buy something for good keeping kind of place.  I initially stopped into Leopold's Books on one of my trips to the DIA not long after it's grand opening and made note of all the obscure semi counter culture/art/political gems it stocked.

Recently I was on the hunt for a copy of the fall issue of "Another" magazine which is published bi-annually and otherwise available on-line (Super Smart Magazine Format by the way).  The mall based book store I purchased it at last year is now closed so I knew I'd have to do some digging.  Dig I did.  The Internet search for local distribution was fruitless so I called "The Book Beat" in Southfield and was told they did not carry it. 

When I contacted the owner of Leopold's via e-mail I got a quick response back on the magazine and made arrangements to pick up a copy when it arrived.  Score!!!

Now that is what I call service Detroit.  This is why it's so important to support local business people and the resources they bring to our city.  Next time you are in the mood for some international news on Fashion/Art or Culture make a B-line for Leopold's Book store.


  1. Thanks for sharing that great review. Is Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes still next door?

  2. Hi Sean, yes "Good Girls" is alive and well. Leopold's moved a space over and Good Girls expanded into the Old Leopold's space. You can't miss them if you make a trip. Thanks for dropping a comment!