Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother of Pearl.....A simple story

Mother of Pearl
Ysabel Lozano

Call your Mother!

The only time I've seen my Mother (Ysabel Lozano) wear a strand of pearls was for a family portrait we sat for in my teenage years. In that photo her natural beauty is apparent and she looks so happy. This short post is made in her honor, today is her Birthday.
The photo above is one I took of her back in the day at a Chicago street fair in Pilsen where I grew up. She is wearing a lovely top with a storied past. We used to share clothes at that time, like I did with my stylish girlfriends and this was one of her favorites.
My Mother has always said of her personal style that she "is a simple Women". It's true, she likes to look good and takes good care of herself, but she's not flashy. She does however take an interest in fashion and is fun to go shopping with. I know she gets a kick out of my fascination with clothing and has always been supportive of my passion.
I found out the following about what Mother of pearl does: "A pearl grows when mother of pearl surrounds and builds layers around an object that's inserted into its shell by nature or humans." That's exactly what my Mother did for my siblings and I over the years. We have grown into our own because she built layers of safety and support around us in her own loving way. What a precious jewel she is in my life. "The Most Beautiful Women I know always wear Pearls of Laughter." Happy Birthday Mom, I hope it is filled with Laughter and smiles!
With Mother's day quickly approaching, the telephone photo is a visual reminder to call your Mother. If for some reason it is not possible for you to speak with her try to recall a favorite memory or photo where she is sharing her Pearls of laughter!

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  1. Very nice sentiment and honor to your mother.. . she I'm sure is proud~toni