Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shedding Style....A Curious Observation

Paintings by Artist: Gregory Siemasz

If you haven't noticed the growing Pet focused service market in America over the last decade you might not appreciate the Brilliant Whimsy of these paintings. Detroit Artist Gregory Siemasz is the mind and talent behind their creation. With his recent exhibit at Flip Hair Salon "I should have been A Stylist" these paintings captured a wonderful mix of ideas in a distinctly humorous manner.

From a Style perspective I could not help but wonder about our common grooming experience. Who amongst us can ignore the needs and condition of our hair? Our Hair Stylist and Colorist are entrusted with it's health and beauty. We choose wisely and pay dearly don't we. It's worth it to have this help and expertise. It's relaxing and renewing to visit a salon and be groomed. Isn't that what our pets do every season? Some more than others of course. I'm told by conscientious dog owners that when they brush them out, it helps the natural shedding process and seems to be a form of message therapy.

Biologically we are told our cells reproduce and replace themselves we understand CHANGE is in our DNA, even if only on a subconscious level. Perhaps our need for Novelty in fashion and style is a different form of natural transition, an outgrowth of our inner genetic's one way to understand the drive.

Now that I think about it some owners and their dogs have an uncanny similarity in appearance. What is that?
Looking at these paintings transported me to an alternate fashion universe where I began to connect some obscure and wonderful dots. It certainly shed new light on the phrase "Animal Attraction" in a fun Beverly Hills Chihuahua kind of way.

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