Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage Fashion Doll: Debutant Of Style

An American Fashion Voice
Ruby Amae Ford

Recycled Flag Head Scarf

Dress by Matt Richmond: Saving The Planet 1 Dress at a Time
Made of Detroit Telephone Pages

Ruby Amae Ford
Is A Fashion Doll Debutant
From Detroit

She knows what it’s like to live
Through Recession and War
She’s a FreeStlye Original
A Revolutionary Force

Her Style is spun from Ideas
Found in Music, History and Art
Osado" In Detroit
With a Bold and Daring Heart

Found Vintage Fashion Doll, 'Ruby Amae Ford" is a metaphor for Fashion in Detroit. She speaks to the complex change occurring in society as we move from the economic industries of the past to forge creative opportunities of the future.
"Osado" is Spanish meaning "Bold and Daring", which will be required of Detroit's Leaders, Workers, and Citizens. That's Detroit Style: Vision, Hard Work....Osado!


  1. Great idea! It looks very interesting!

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  3. Thank you so much..thanks for stopping by!