Friday, February 5, 2010

Fashion Artist, Life and Death Concept Dress

Janna Coumoundouros Bissett explores her appreciation for Fashion in many forms. Photography, Jewelry, Clothing design, Illustration, Mixed Media Art and Personal Style, are all pieces of her creative vision.

The "Maternity Egg dress" is a full scale mixed media piece she completed in college. "It's about life and death and a visual mix of those ideas".

The original material used to develop the dress idea was tissue paper and an empty egg shell. Janna carefully hand stitched panels "quilt style" of a fried egg image to the dress backing material. "I have sewn you together In your Mothers Womb" is a Biblical quote that describes the conceptual and literal process of this Dress project beautifully. A determined, difficult and delicate process.

The Dress was then worn by a pregnant model who was photographed. At the gallery showing those photos were framed in an old Architectural Window and the Dress hung next to the window (as shown in the photo). The Death aspect of the project included a subtle historic "Symbol" of Abortion: "The Hanger" the dress clung to.

In the end the Dress "passed away" due to it's fine construction and the adversities of time. As for the Abortion controversy I can't help but think about ALL the Creative Projects and dreams that never come to pass in our lives....Aborted by Apathy, Circumstance and the Limits of Time.

Speaking of time, the body of work Mrs. Bissett has created belies her age. You can see for yourself: is her on-line shop.

"I think it's a mistake to write off fashion as being devoid of intellectual content" wrote Cintra Wilson, Writer for the New York Times. I agree with her statement and I believe Janna's Concept Dress proves this point. Of course I also think Project Runway contestants need read this blog post!


  1. Hi cousin, my mom sent me you email and I made a google account just for you. love what you are doing!


  2. Hi Natalia! So nice to hear from you..thanks for reading my blog and following. You are a sweetheart. Please join my Face book Fan Page too and tell you friends! Hope to see you when I'm in Chicago next time. Val