Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eco Style Artist: A Man and His Mannequin on A Mission!

Matthew Richmond is A Self-Made Artist in every sense of the phrase. You can't learn what he knows instinctively, and the path he treads has not been entirely paved before. This is in part due to the fact that his talent includes a unique blend of 'Green Design" in a material sense, Anthropometric Construction, and Couture Fashion all rolled into one. Inspired by 60s Fashion Star Bob Mackey, Matt's personal Style is a mix of vintage menswear and "Tuxedo Shirts" which he collects. He also admires the "Artful Hybrid Style" of Lady GaGa.
The collage of photos I included in this blog speak for themselves. They are each inspired and carefully crafted from unorthodox materials. I'm especially enchanted with the Floral Dress as well as the Grocery Bag gown. I'd even seriously consider wearing the latter to the next DIA Fashion Gala if I were sure it would stay put.
Matt is employed with Douglas J. Aveda in Royal Oak, MI. You can find him in Guest Services, however he is also their unofficial "Visual Merchandise Guru." Many of his one of a kind creations are often on display there, though he is also hired to do the same for other venues. Matt can be hired for other special projects: Gallery and Fashion shows, Art and Marketing projects and Weddings to name a few.
You can see much of Matt's portfolio work and more detailed information on his Facebook Fan page:, "Saving The Planet 1 Dress at a time." Or you can contact him directly at:
No one can accuse Matt of having small goals with a Fan Page name like that. It's clear he has a long view approach to his work. Next time you see a good looking Man lugging his Mannequin around town, it just might be Matt on his next "Mission", after all "FreeStyle" is the way he rolls!

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  1. Well it was all going so well until the good looking man lugging mannequin around town entered the picture. This guy is making money. I like the style and attention to detail.