Thursday, January 28, 2010

Go your own way..........................................

City Map Dress: Carolina Herrera, Spring Colleciton 2010

I have received many greeting cards over the years from friends who love fashion and one of them inspired this post.

Every day we rise and shine determined to take on the day. Before we set out on our way...important choices need to be made about 'What to Wear".

There you are standing in front of your closet, dresser, or pile of possiblities. What will it be? What kind of day does your intuitive compass say it will be? Will you allow circumstances alone to determine your Costume? What about fabulous do you want this day to be? Set your stage, dress yourself in that role, go out there and make this world more beautiful because you showed up!

"You are an explorer. You draw your own maps, go your own way." Thanks Hallmark for the quote and thanks Kelly for sending such a lovely card!


  1. I'm trying to learn how to set my intention for the day, while knowing that it will go as planned by a power greater than myself. But, feeling good about my outfit definitely helps!

  2. Ooh, I like that Shelly..Yes I agree it is good to have a spiritual compass lead the way...focus of future Blog feature! Thanks.