Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Freestyle......what does it mean to you? Perhaps it has a musical reference as in Hip Hop or Rap as it did for my eldest Son Nick. When I asked him what that word/phrase meant to him he said it conjured up images of a rapper at a microphone serving up verbal poetry to the crowd. That made me smile.....I checked Wikipedia and found a sensible list of references: sport activities of all sorts, sledding, wrestling, I didn't quite make it to the pole dancing Freestyle page but I bet it's out there. Yikes!

My Webster's Dictionary says Freestyle is a noun...."A competitive event, as swimming, in which the contestant chooses his or her own style."

Personal style and our dance with clothing is a basic evolutionary experience.....a hodgepodge of disasters and winners. As we move through life our collections/closets reflect those changes. We learn as we go --->>>

The photo is an esoteric vignette....Birds in all their natural glory are so divinely dressed. Their feathers have adorned wearable creations for centuries. One of my favorite places to visit in Chicago is the Bird House at Lincoln Park Zoo. The color, texture, and variety of delicate splendor is amazing. The freedom and style those Birds represent is a great visual for launching this blog....FreeStyle In Detroit!

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