Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The "Young Hearts" Production Photo Gallery, An Invisible Twin Project

All above photos shot by Rose Suau for the Young Hearts Project
See  "Young Hearts" credits for Models
Invisible Twin: Rose and Mario Suau, photo by Janna Bisette
Invisible Twin is a local creative team working in original ambient music, visual art projects and music licensing with other artist for commercial use.

Rose wears many creative hats, shooting photography, creating original art, writing, graphic design, and is also a musician.  Together with her husband and creative partner Mario Suau they have been composing music for many years.  Currently working on a new album to be completed later this year, it will be released on various digital platforms so check their FB page for updates.

The team can be hired for a variety of commercial work, including web page sound branding. 

If you have not already seen their "Young Heart's" audio narration project please check it out.  Y.H. is the first project of it's type for the duo and was well received at a pop up art gallery earlier this year.  They produced something deeply sober and true.  For many of us much of youth is a process of trial and error, confusion and pain.  Each photo invites the viewer into a mini story that unfolds differently for each viewer and that is what I love about Rose's work.  She is a captivating storyteller.  The music is beautiful and haunting, the perfect marriage for the piece.  Let me know what you think of it.

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