Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ThinkThis! Designs: Hip 2B Smart

Above photos: Work of photOtassa photography
Styled by Adriana Pavon
Nichole Christian - Founder of ThinkThis! Designs

There are times when we cross paths with individuals that seem to be divine appointments. I got that impression when I met Nichole Christian last year at a Women's Art show at the Crofoot in Pontiac where she was selling her cool T-shirts. The next time I found myself in her company, at a Birthday gathering my first impression was confirmed.

You may have seen her work in a few of the shops around Metro-Detroit, including Bureau of Urban Living, and Nakka, which carry a creative mix of "Detroitcentric" products. ThinkThis! Designs is one of those urban T-shirt brands to emerge with a powerful social voice. It's founder, Nichole Christian is deft at rolling complex social experiences and emotions into a simple tag line. She is a Detroit native and professional journalist with experience at The Wall street Journal, New York Times, and The Detroit FreePress. Ever the curious story teller, she collects portrait photography, and a large variety of journals which hold her many ideas and reflections.

Nichole notes her young daughter, her 90-year-old grandmother and Dr. Maya Angelou as constant sources of Inspiration. Each providing a different kind of wisdom. Speaking of wisdom we can't overlook the blockbuster movie oracle of Star Wars the oddly humble and powerful Yoda, whom Nichole is fascinated with.

"I didn't create ThinkThis! Designs to be just another T-Shirt company. I'm out to ignite more inspired living, unleashing the power of Words, Ideas, and Images on whatever canvas speaks to me. My T-shirts are just chapter one."

"Visit ThinkThis! Designs at VegFest on March 27. Nichole's inspired journey is taking her to this year's premier Vegetarian Tastefest and expo. It has been said "Where the Mind is lead the feet will follow" so be smart, get your "Style On" with ThinkThis! Designer T-shirts and feed the visual world around you with hip and healthy fashion. Bon Appetite Detroit!

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