Saturday, February 5, 2011

Styling Cleopatra: Modern and Glamorus

Photo Shoot Team: James Merlo, Cheryl Salinas Tucker, Alvita, and Elizabeth Kincaid
Mr. Eric Peoples of Epic Images is behind Camera Lens

Elizabeth wore A Jennifer Vermeersch Custom Art Necklace and a Vintage Collar (Council Thrift Collection) Layered on top

I added a Feather Stick and simple gold necklace to her hair
Top is Silk BCBG, Skirt is Vintage Silk Cache - private collection

Elizabeth with Two of her Beautiful bags from the "Minandieres Collection"

Elizabeth was a delight to work with
All Photos Above are "Epic Images" The talented Mr. Eric Peoples

Elizabeth Kincaid is also featured on the cover of B.L.A.C.
Magazine this month as part of the 'Multi-Racial Identity In the Age of Obama Article
This Photo is work of: Shawn Lee Studios

The goal of this photo shoot was threefold 1. A Modern Day Cleopatra Theme featuring Elizabeth Kincaid as Model and Muse. 2. Product Promotion: Include Elizabeth's custom handbags and rings from her "Minandieries Collection". 3. Include the Stunning Jewelry of Local Artist Jennifer Vermeersch. With that in mind I went to work pulling a team together to make this happen and you can see the fruit of our work. ROUGE Makeup and Nail Salon was a gracious host and Cheryl Salinas Tucker's professional and creative Makeup work is one I trust completely. Eric Peoples of Epic Image was someone I've wanted to work with so I was thrilled when he agreed to the project. Jennifer Vermeersch who is somewhat elusive was also tremendously helpful and generous with allowing me to select and use what I needed to create the look I had envisioned. James Merlo is a talented and hardworking newcomer to the Hair Stylist scene. He is currently in school at David Presley school of Cosmetology in Royal Oak and works part time for a salon in Farmington hills.

Elizabeth Kincaid is a humble yet successful Women of Style. She is passionate about "Emotionally Battered Women" advocacy in addition to her custom handbag designs. Her latest evolution of bags and accessories is titled "Minandieres" which is French for little bag. These elaborate little jewels are indeed attached to rings and carefully crafted with the finest materials and imagination. They are tiny luxuries with a hint of historical association, the sort Cleopatra would have found irresistible. For more information and pricing please contact her by e-mail:

Elizabeth also serves on the Detroit board of FGI (Fashion Group International), The Arts Institutes's program advisory committee, and is also asked to speak at Fashion Forums.
Make sure to pick up the latest copy of B.L.A.C. magazine as well, she is featured in a cover story on Multi- Racial Identity.

I hope you will agree this Modern Day Cleopatra is an original perspective stirring up the Fashion and Style Story here In Detroit.

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  1. I totally agree: "Elizabeth Kincaid is a humble yet successful Women of Style" :)!