Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Things First - 2013

Leger Painting - Smithsonian Permanent Collection

The first post in the first month of a new year. No pressure.

"First things First" was the answer I received when I asked a good friend about the philosophy that drives her multi-faceted life.

I recognized in her sharing the need to re-visit, re-evaluate, and otherwise re-state what that is for me.  

The photo in this post is one I included in the very first post of FreeStyle In Detroit when I launched it several years ago.

It is one of my favorite paintings by Leger. A photo I snapped on a visit to The Smithsonian Art Museum years ago.

Why re-post it?  It's my way of honoring the past and reflecting as I do on the mysteries of time, truth and beauty. 

God Bless this year, your plan and my path, you are first things first unfolded delivered and celebrated everyday. 

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