Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Would Wear It On My Head.....

alvitafreestyleindetroit: polyvore set "Axis"
A little visual splendor from me to you, where ever you are where ever you go, may beauty and life be your blessing.
I have often thought when admiring flowers in bloom that they are a sort of smile from mother nature to us all. 

I also love how Fashion Designer Mary Katrantzou adds so much visual art to her textiles and designs, this set is inspired by her work.
Lately I have been studying the personal style of Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo, who wore large flowers and ribbons in her up braided hair.  This set is also inspired by her as well.  If it were possible for me to make this a three dimensional image I would definitely wear it on my head as an ode to Both Mary and Frida, two Women with big love for nature and art!

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