Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Light, Line and the Power of Discovery...

Artist: Jon Pickell

Jon Pickell is one of those people who works deliberately with "Organic Energy". He's an Artist with many passions. These include photography, print making, fiber print work and Reiki energy balancing.
He admires the work of Fashion Photography Artist: Deborah Turbeville, Lucas Samaras and Helmet Newton. His work however includes a distinct and careful balance of light, line and energy. "Creating ambiguous spaces for his figures to occupy is part of his skill. Many of his portraits imply a situation or activity beyond the viewer's knowledge." Jon has no desire to tell you what to think. He respects what you bring to his Artwork. Viewing his work is a fluid process between Artist and audience. Fashion is an integral element of the above selected photos, but it is by no means the whole story. There is so much more to wonder about in these pieces. I love that about Jon's Artistry, it's a process of discovery.
"Discovery is a sociological cause of change. It involves recognizing and understanding more fully something already in existence. The first image is the result of my Internet research on the characteristics of Radium. "In 1898 Marie Claire unintentionally left a rock on a piece of photographic paper, noticed the emissions from the rock had exposed the paper, and thus discovered radium (Ra 88)." I was struck by the organic line work of the Radium salt alpha particles. Notice the line work in Jon's photographs.
"Pure radium metal is brilliant white (I'm thinking about the flash of a camera bulb), but blackens when exposed to air. Radium is luminescent (giving a faint blue color)." Notice the similar luminescent faint blue color in several of Jon's hand painted photographs.
Discovery....Serendipty.....Coincidence? I'd like to think it is all of these things. It's difficult to fathom how this happens. But it is delightful to wonder about how it might all work together. The Art of the universe is a mysterious and creative energy source. How perfect it is that Jon included Superman in one of his photo stories. His Model marvels at his power and energy and you I hope will appreciate the power of Jon's unique fashion photography. He can be conacted at jonpie at

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  1. Congradulation! Good work as usual